Past and Current Interns
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Intern Placement

My internship at Equal Equity Impact was by far the best internship I have ever done. I learned so much and was able to work with so many amazing people! My time at EEI really inspired me and I had so much fun. I am super grateful I had the opportunity to intern at a place with such a powerful mission, and for all of the important learning experiences I had.

Becca Goodson

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 I learned more during these past 8 weeks than in any other internship I've done so far and I am very grateful for that. Also, I was able to meet and become friends with amazing people from all over the country, and for me, there is no greater resource or accomplishment. During my time at EEI, I developed a strong interest in the VC world. I really appreciate EEI's work culture, values, and mission. 

Vinicius Feijão Nogueira

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I came into this internship with the hope of getting a little more experience before I intern at Wells this summer and I was blown away by all the information I've learned. 

Anesu Chinoda

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My experience with Equal Equity Impact was unmatched.  Coming from a non-business background, I was fortunate to be able to work with a high-caliber intern class composed of students from top-tier universities around the country.  My exposure to EEI broadened my business acumen and gave me the technical finance knowledge necessary to secure several competitive Investment Banking and Management Consulting offers.  The mission of EEI is important and inspiring and I hope to see and work with more firms like it in the future.

Ethan Silva